Grenade Fit (Chichester) – Case Study


Our initial site visit

Grenade Fit is the worlds first online fitness gym.  We are very proud to have been a part of such a great project and product.  Our initial outline was to create an easy to operate AV set up with control from IPad/Tablet devices.  This includes the control of:

  • multiple zone speaker systems
  • displays with wireless connectivity
  • interconnections between multiple input and output points
  • projection

The installation is a great example of speaker zonal control and inter connectivity.  For example any input can be routed to any output and each set up can be sorted as a preset.

Having the flexibility to route any signal anywhere gives the user such a high degree of future proofing for their venue.  Creating flexible systems as supplied to Grenade Fit is not complex nor is it costly.

Our personal favorite system of the installation is the Optoma ultra short throw projector.  With a Super sharp and bright picture the projector worked effortlessly in the gym.  Again connectivity is flexible with any sound input to projector route-able to any speaker system.

Get in touch to see how we can create a flexible routing system for your venue with sound, display and projection integration.