St Mary’s School and College – Case Study

St Mary’s were in need of an update to their existing speaker and lighting set up in their main hall for their dramatic productions.  We specialise in AV installation for performing arts so we knew straight away that we could help.

Before our installation St Mary’s were using a basic sound system and manually controlling lighting from portable dimmers.  Both of which were usually in two different places making it incredibly difficult to operate.  St Mary’s wanted to centralise all control to a central control area whilst upgrading all of the lighting, sound and projection in the hall.


Initial Site Visit

To upgrade the sound system we believed strongly that the school was in need of a digital mixing console so that presets could be recalled.  This in turn would allow a teacher to recall an assembly or school play preset with minimal technical knowledge of the system.  Additionally, the sound system installation also spanned into the dinner hall.  This would be used on occasions in conjunction and on its own.  Complex setups like this can only be made simple with digital mixing desks.

Lighting was very basic before the installation but with a few new fixtures and lighting control the hall became a fully fledged theatrical space.  Simply adding 6 new LED Pars washed the stage in colour giving the whole space a new lease of life.  Additionally we added two frenel lanterns to give the space the authentic tungsten theatrical feel.  To control the lighting system we utilised a DMX controller which is simple to operate and program.


Two scaffold bars for lighting and central bar for projection.

To keep costs down we created a custom scaffold system to fly all of the lighting fixtures from which was already incorporated in the original design.  Internally wired bars are an expensive part of any lighting system but utilising what the school already had we were able to cut costs.

Projection was also upgraded with a new Panasonic projector which covered the back wall of the stage.  This would be intended to be used for both educational presentations and dramatic performances.  Again this was flown from the custom made scaffold system which allowed the projector the be moved along the room for projection on different walls.


Modular staging system with removable ramp.

The staging system was the center piece of the installation.  The modular stage allowed the stage to be moved and be broken down when not in use.  All square modules can be easily stacked and transported with ease.  Additionally the stage was specified to use a ramp for wheel chair access which could be removed when not in use to save space for the audience.


If your venue requires a sound, light and audio visual upgrade get in touch.  We specialise in theatrical installations and have years of experience working in education and musical theatre.