Countryman B3


Countryman B3

Why the B3 is king of the Lavaliers

There is a plethora of choices when it comes to lavalier microphones. Most people usually stick with the brand that comes with their microphone system. If you dare venture outside of this comfort zone you will be pleasantly surprised by what you can get for your money.

If your unaware of any brands outside of the manufactures of radio microphone systems let me introduce to you Countryman. Countryman have been operational for over 35 years and are based in California in the States. For us what makes this brand stand out is one particular product called the B3. This product sits firmly in the cheaper lavalier market but offers a few key features that make it the best in its class.


The Countryman B3 Case and Accessories

Firstly if you are looking to integrate the B3 into your radio microphone system you can with a choice of different plugs for different manufactures of radio systems. Also the B3 does not just come in black or beige; it comes in a small range of colours for blending into skin tones and surroundings. Its greatest strength however is its discreet size which is only found in microphones almost twice it’s price.

All these aesthetic features are great but how does it sound? For it’s price it is sonically outstanding. It has a clear and present sound without harshness. Further more the handling noise is greatly reduced compared to the competition due to it’s miniature size. With the availability of accessories the B3 is well suited to theatre, presentation and recording applications.

If you are looking to replace or upgrade your existing radio microphone capsules try outside of your radio microphone system manufacturer. Try Countryman you will be surprised how much microphone you get for your money.

Get in contact for demos and prices of the full range of Countryman microphones.  Also check out countryman’s website for more details on their products: